Femme Freak

Friday night, before falling asleep, I kept thinking about how awesome it'd be to draw some simple, black and white characters on tacky-used pieces of oilcloth... so saturday morning we were checking Obor and shopping for these beauties. Now I'm just starting to get how they react to different techniques but I still have another eight pieces to draw my mysterious ladies on...so keep close for the bearded woman, the feline girl and the kinky hamster :)


Cinnamon said...

Ahh, ce taree!
Si aia cu ceainice zici ca e musama? Foarte tare, vreau si eu musama cu ceainice :P

H said...

yepsy, musama e

Reverto said...

ce fain a iesit!!! as fi crezut ca e imposibil sa dai o nota de mister unei musamale, dar uite ca se poate, cu mult talent si imaginatie! :)