the faux-porcelain bunny experiment

This little guy is anxiety's baby. Waiting for clients to respond is just hell for me, I'm usually stuck, not knowing whether I should wait a bit longer or just start working on something else, something to make the wait bearable. Long story short: the Bunnycat project was born! Here are some pictures of the prehistorical Bunnycat creature...before it got to morph into a muchmuch cuter being, later to be revealed. You can see it has interchangeable sets of ears and a porcelain kind of look, a fauxing (probably not a real word) technique i'm trying to master. The real-deal Bunnycat is on it's way, slowly but crossmyheart sure, and it'll be a beaut!


monica said...

do you still have it? is it for sale?

H said...

nopey, this one is not for sale. it's kind of a prototype for a real porcelain one. i just started to learn how to work with porcelain, and maybe in a few months i'll be able to proudly present the real Bunnycat :)